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On 7 january 2012. i went to lampung for doing the job. This my first time business trip alone to the region. Sometimes feel nervous when thinking what i am going to do in the site. why? yeah, because i really feel nervous. but it`s ok. it doesn`t matter to me. And then, when i arrived in radin intan II airport. this is like nostlagia. i have not gone back to lampung for 4 years. the driver picked me in front of airport. we were talking each other during on the way. in lampung i met all my friend edo, rebecca, evyta, sigit, made, vincent. Suddenly they invite me to mutun beach together with them. it needs one a half hour to get there. with talented lampung driver, Abang kinoy a.k.a irul, he drives fast like a racer. he takes the velocity up to 90 km/h in narrow road, and almost crashing the motorcycle. fortunately we are all safe. we arrived there about 11:30 AM. we need to accros the sea to reach th mutun island. mutun island is wonderful. unfortunately to get there, we need much money, why? because every enter the place we must to spend my money to pay illegal tax retribution. but that`s ok. And then, to reach mutun island we spend IDR 125,000 per one boat  for round-trip. every boat may contains 8 to 10 people. i think that there is no spend again when we arrived inside mutun beach. but i am definitely wrong. i pay for entering mutun retribution and cottage rent. finally i can enjoy the the beach with all my friend.hehehe,, need more struggle when achieving the refreshing.

inside mutun, we plan to go swimming, banana boat, capture photo and many more.

and we went back at 4 o`clock. we continued went to diggers. it is like cafe. the location is on a hill. from here, you will see a beautiful lampung city view at sunset.nice. and the last we went back to dormitory.

On 8 January 2012, sunday. i just stayed in dormitory. no plane to go. what a pity.. hhaha just sleeping whole day.

On 9 January 2012, Monday. This is my first time entering regional office. And work until 28 january. Then I should go back to Jakarta.

wow…. what a nice holiday..thanks so much guys.


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