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My nick is Fuad, Fu`ad, Pak Boss, what ever from that choices that familiar and easy for you to say. I am Javanesse – Indonesian: raised in Tangerang, Lampung, Prabumulih – South Sumatra; Karawaci – Tangerang; Bandung – West Java; Tanjung Morawa – North Sumatra, and now i`m in bandung. I speak Bahasa,  English, and little bit javanesse, sundanesse ,Mandarin ,and Deutsch.

I am a college, Telecomunication Engineering, interest in computer networking, and switching. For me, my books are my only best teachers that always able to show me everything, everywhere, anytime. I’ve spent these couple years by writing everything I’ve seen, heard, felt and learn, or everything that crosses my mind.
I also like doing sport. Sport make my body healthier.
i do write several notes on this blog in order to share what i know. Share everything what we have that can be useful for anyperson is one of life happines. Perhaps, by this blog i will have many new friends any around the world. below i write my contact.

Email :

YM :

Facebook :

hope this blog will help you.

see ya, ^_^


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